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1 Sep 2020

Season of Creation 1 Sep – 4 Oct 2020

A Jubilee for the Earth – we are invited to pray and act


Join us for this annual global, ecumenical celebration of prayer and action to protect our common home.

There was short respite for the climate and environment as the pandemic brought to an abrupt halt our usual way of doing things. Huge inequalities and weaknesses in our local and global systems have been revealed. We can see how desperately we need a more sustainable and just way of doing things.

Giving rest from human exploitation to the Earth can save life and Creation. This would be a jubilee for the Earth, our common home.



May God who establishes the dance of creation

Who marvelled at the lilies of the field,

Who transforms chaos into order,

Lead us to transform our lives and the Church

To reflect God’s glory in creation. Amen


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The suggestion for this year in the UK, is to support the Climate and Ecology Emergency Bill by being in touch with your MP. The bill is written by prominent scientists and academics and aims to gather cross party support; it will be introduced as a private members bill. It aims to strengthen and make more effective UK Climate Act passed in 2008. It is sponsored by an alliance of organisations, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and other NGOs as well as Extinction Rebellion. If it gathers enough public support it will put pressure on government to act. We need it. Find out more at  


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1 Sep 2020

A Jubilee for the Earth – we are invited to pray and act

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